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Br Daniel - Pilgrimage '98

Can God
be put into Words?

"Sacred texts and holy words may point us in the right direction but they do not - and cannot - exhaust the radiance of the Mystery which is God. God is always greater than anything our poor words can say."

From:page 9. Transcendence (3rd edition), published by Daniel Faivre SG

Message from Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor

to those attending a Memorial Service for Br Daniel Faivre SG.

I am sorry that I cannot be with you on this occasion when we honour the memory of a remarkable man.

Brother Daniel was a prophetic figure in the work of Interfaith relations. He established initiatives which have endured. Twenty two years ago he began the Multifaith Pilgrimage for Peace which continues today in Westminster Diocese and has become the model for many similar pilgrimages in the United Kingdom and abroad.

He began an Interfaith dialogue in the parish in Southall, which spread way beyond the confines of that parish to the whole of the Archdiocese and further afield. His aims, as he described them in his Westminster Interfaith Programme, were: To respond to the teaching of the Second Vatican Council and the Popes with regard to interfaith dialogue; To promote greater understanding, co-operation and respect between Christians and people of other faiths and thus combat discrimination at all levels; and to help Christians deepen their own faith by promoting greater awareness of other faiths through prayer, dialogue and action.

For some years Brother Daniel was official advisor to the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales and a member of the Conference's Committee for Other Faiths.

Brother Daniel was a tireless worker in the Lord's vineyard. Endowed with an electrifying personality and a charming smile he endeared himself to all who met him. His spirituality was solid, seeing beyond Church structures. He was a "friend of all, and an enemy of none". Our grateful memory of Brother Daniel will live on in the work that he established.

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