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Brother Daniel's published writings

Here is a first attempt at a listing, most often accomplished with a little help from his friends:
  • 1986 Transcendence (1st edition)
  • 1989 Journey into Faith: India - Mauritius, January - April 1989
  • 1989 Prayer of Hope of an Interfaith Man (BFSS)
  • 1989 Holy Mother, Holy Child - scriptures and traditions on holy births in many faiths
  • 1990 Eucharist on a theme from "The Vedic Experience" The Lord; The Word; Sacrifice; Our World
  • 1991 Who Is My Neighbour? Other Faiths in West London - a Directory
  • 1992 Peace and Justice: texts from the scriptures of many faiths
  • 1992 Creation
  • 1992 Peaceful Thoughts for Christmas
  • 1994 A Spiritual Bouquet for 1994
  • 1994 Transcendence, Prayer of People of Faith (2nd edition)
  • 1995 UN Year of Tolerance
  • 1996 Prayerful Reunion, Westminster Cathedral
  • 1997 Peace and Harmony and Interfaith - An RC Christian View
  • 1997 Resources for Multifaith Celebrations
  • 1997 God Does Not Have Favourites
  • 1998 Prayer of Hope of an Interfaith Roman Catholic Christian
  • 2000 Celebrating Jesus: a multifaith appreciation
  • 2001 Glimpses of a Holy City - A Pilgrim Guide to Southall at Worship
  • 2002 Histoires Sacrées de la conception et de la naissance des fondateurs de grandes religions
  • 2002 Approaching the Other Shore: death and eternal life
  • 2003 Cent Ans de Présence de Saint-Gabriel en Angleterre
  • 2003 The Brothers of St. Gabriel - 100 years of service in England
  • 2003 Mary, Person of Faith and Dialogue: a meditation
  • 2004 Father Sky, Mother Earth: a faith traditions' liturgical reader
  • 2005 Transcendence - Prayer of People of Faith (3rd edition)
  • 2006 The Feminine and the Divine: a sourcebook to be used as a faith traditions' spiritual reader
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