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Westminster Interfaith Newsletter

Issue 62 – July 2009

From Brother Daniel's Diary (7)

4th August 1988. I was explaining what my work was to a couple of ladies, a mother and her twenty year old daughter – both leaning towards the extreme right. The mother, a woman of fashion, was displaying signs of nervousness, insecurity, apprehensiveness about religion in these days. 'What do you think of Mgr Lefebvre?' she asked. 'Seeing all that is happening in the Church, I ask myself if it is not better to go elsewhere'. Her daughter was talking about interfaith. She was looking at some of my photos – with Sikhs, Muslims and people of other faiths. She thought that this was very exotic, pure mysticism. It had nothing to do with ordinary life. It was, as it were, far from reality. By this she meant that this was reserved to a few. This was irrelevant to what happens in a simple context like that of a family or of daily encounters with people.

The young lady had a point, I thought. Interfaith is not to be the lot of a few people who belong to a CLUB. It must be grasped as much as possible by ALL.

There should be no discrimination on the level of faith. Acceptance of God, Father and Mother of us ALL is the duty of ALL, Christians and non-Christians alike.

Alfred Agius

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