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Issue 64 – November 2009

From Brother Daniel's Diary (9)

(Br Daniel writes about a Sikh gentleman in Southall who "has gone interfaith".)
Now he is an important person in the community, has a strong following and is widely respected outside his own circles. Would his initiative succeed? Some might have a reaction to interfaith caused by jealousy, doubt, surprise.....none of these feelings are worthy of THE CAUSE.

The Spirit works in many ways...even through prophets chosen in new faith populations living close to a chosen – but often tired- Church. Praise the Lord for the effort and success of others! Why accuse the man of "political" intentions? Why suggest that being uneducated, as are many people of other faiths, he may not know what interfaith is all about. The Spirit can teach, the man can listen and learn, as indeed we all do – or should do.

Once again I think that though feelings are bound to arise – for such is human nature, one must eradicate their very roots when they are used to sustain jealousy, unfair comparisons, gossip, self centred comments.....for what is important is THE KINGDOM..........who does the job is irrelevant.....competition in apostolate? Division, comparisons, mocking others, this is one of he greatest sins, obstacles to the coming of the Kingdom.

Yesterday, a Muslim phoned me to wish me a Happy Xmas...others have sent me cards or expressed this viva voce in local encounters... But this particular person from the Muslim College with whom I have worked in the past, pointed out that he did not phone for any other reason other than to wish me a Happy Xmas....NICE. He took the initiative....a card..OK....but a phone call. That is more involving, more personal.

Alfred Agius

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