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Issue 64 – November 2009

Book Review

ISBN: 9780956158703 £12.99 (Paperback).

A Novel Solution To The Banking Crisis
Anthony Padgett is a Jewish artist, who has held numerous exhibitions around the country. An award winning sculpture, "Zoroastrian Icarus" sculpture is sited at Leighton Hall, Carnforth, Lancashire, near where he lives and works. Anthony writes in the day and teaches salsa dancing in the evenings.

On 21 October, his first book, "The Rainbow Swastika Conspiracy" was launched at the Phoenix Artists Club. This 241-page book presents a "novel" solution to the banking crisis about religion, modern art and international financial corruption.

In the novel a coalition of faith leaders form a Fair Trade style organisation called The Auditors of God. They attack usury in the banking system but their well meaning ideals become corrupted by financiers involved in The Rainbow Swastika Conspiracy. The book is based on Anthony's own experiences, including his participation in some of the events and the annual pilgrimage for peace organized by Westminster Interfaith in 1995, which he uses as source material for his final chapter – an interfaith march from Kathmandu in Nepal to Kailash in Tibet/China.

Anthony Padgett writes: "The main character, David Wolfe, a Jewish sculptor, takes the reader on a global journey around London night clubs and art galleries, archaeological digs, business headquarters and religious sites. The novel draws on my work as a London artist, as an archaeologist in Israel & Palestine and from my 2 year tribunal case against Mr Tony Blair and the Tate Galleries. The book is also based on prophecies that I made on the 7th of July 2007 about the collapse of our financial system and attempts to regulate it. I combine these with Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist prophecies."

"From the moment I picked the book up I just couldn't stop reading. There were so many interesting facets knitted together with ease and fascination. I travelled on such an inspiring journey that addressed so many complex areas, connecting themes and issues in such an insightful and original way. What an ending! I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants an insight into the relation between religion, finance, art and corruption!"

S.T. Sturges

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