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When preparing the printed Newsletter we sometimes have items that do not make it into print for lack of space,or maybe the subject is no longer topical by the time of the next issue. Some that we feel may nevertheless still be of interest are offered here.


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Westminster Interfaith Newsletter
Issue 64 – November 2009

A Happy Christmas!

to all our Readers from the Westminster Interfaith Team Jon, Sr Elizabeth, Margaret, Sr Hilda, Sr Mary.


The Golden Rule

Recently someone said that the Golden Rule was not enough. I wondered what that person meant. I did not have the opportunity to ask. It made me think, however: in what way is it not enough?...
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Message for the Feast of Deepavali 2009

Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue
Christians and Hindus: Committed to Integral Human Development

Dear Hindu Friends,
1. It is my joy to greet you all, once again, in the name of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue: a Happy Deepavali!...
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Work and Prayer: A Hindu monk's response to child poverty

Chitranga Chaitanya Das (C.C.Das) is a Hindu Hare Krishna monk, who feeds nearly one million undernourished children everyday. C.C.Das tells how it all started about 9 years ago at the Hare Krishna Temple...
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Do's and Don'ts and fruits of dialogue

Christians engaged in friendship and exchange with their neighbours of other faiths have learned much in recent decades about the challenges and rewards of interreligious dialogue...
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Muslim-Christian couple relationships

Ten thoughts

1. When we met we both felt we had so much in common. The way that Muslims and Christians are seen as being so separate just made me feel closer.

2. Arguing isn't a bad thing...
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New Team Member

We welcome as a new member of the Westminster Interfaith team Sr Mary Horan who is a Sister of Mercy living in London's East End.

Sr Mary writes: "Originally from Ireland, I have spent most of my life teaching and in pastoral ministry in various parts of the UK. The last five year's have been in Bradford, West Yorkshire, engaged at grassroots level with people of all faiths and none. I was a member of the Columba Community, an ecumenical group whose mission was the building of bridges with other faith groups in Bradford. My own ministry was mainly one of 'presence' rather than 'doing' – just being open to the wonder of each 'new person and event and growing into a deeper understanding of my own faith in the process."

We know that our friends from the faith communities will give Sr Mary the same warm welcome we have experienced ourselves.

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Welcome Katharina Müller

We are delighted to welcome Katharina Müller, the newly appointed Secretary to the Committee for Relations with other Religions. She will be joining the Department for Dialogue and Unity of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales. Born in Germany, she holds a teaching degree in German, English and Catholic Theology from Bonn University, and first discovered the pleasures of living in England on an exchange visit to Oxford University. She taught English at a Catholic Comprehensive School in Essex for a year.

Katharina writes: 'I am delighted to be starting my work at a time when interreligious dialogue has become more important than ever before.'
We wish her all the best in her new post and look forward to working closely with her.

Katharina can be contacted at: e-mail: katharina.muller@cbcew.org.uk, or by phone: 020 7901 4853.

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From Brother Daniel's Diary (9)

(Br Daniel writes about a Sikh gentleman in Southall who "has gone interfaith".)
Now he is an important person in the community, has a strong following and is widely respected outside his own circles. Would his initiative succeed?...
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Harvest of Friendship

Three years ago, I heard the news that a British-born Muslim travelled to Israel and blew himself up in a Tel Aviv nightclub. I was shocked to learn that this young man was from Hounslow, where I live...
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Inter Faith Week launch at Lambeth Palace

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, invited faith leaders and Trustees of the Inter Faith Network for the UK, to Lambeth Palace...
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Religion and the News

From Sunday 11th – Tuesday 13th October, 2009, seventy people representing faith communities and the media gathered at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park...
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Catholic visit to Neasden Mandir

A large group of Catholics from Westminster diocese – clergy, religious and lay people led by Archbishop Vincent Nichols – have accepted the invitation to visit the Hindu Temple, the Mandir on Brentfield Road, Neasden, London NW10 8LD, on Saturday 21 November.

The visit takes place during Interfaith Week, a time of special prayer with and for people of various religions, and on the birthday of the worldwide spiritual leader of the Hindus who pray at the Mandir at Neasden, His Holiness Pramukhswamiji Maharaj.

We are very grateful to the local spiritual leader, Sadhu Yogvivek Swami and the Trustees of the Mandir, for their kind invitation and for arranging the visit. It will be an excellent opportunity to learn about the beliefs and customs of our Hindu neighbours, to experience their hospitality, and to talk with and listen to one another.

We have many common concerns, including affirming and supporting family life, the upbringing and education of our children and young people, promoting community cohesion and the understanding and valuing of different cultures and traditions, recognizing what different religions can contribute to the common good, difficulties arising from the current economic situation, concerns about local public transport...these are some of the subjects of local interest.

The visit will, it is hoped, lead to greater understanding and cooperation between all people of good will and new friendships may be made.

Archbishop Vincent will give an address to all present during the visit, after an introduction by Sadhu Yogvivek Swami.

This promises to be an informative and enjoyable experience for all who will be there.

We hope to publish a report of this and other Inter Faith Week events in our next issue.

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Book Review

ISBN: 9780956158703 £12.99 (Paperback).

A Novel Solution To The Banking Crisis
Anthony Padgett is a Jewish artist, who has held numerous exhibitions around the country. An award winning sculpture, "Zoroastrian Icarus" sculpture Full article here or Return to Index

Book Review

THE DAWNING by Emmanuel Elliott
(ISBN: 978-0-9562878-0-9) Price £11.50

This new book, published on 9 November, has been described as 'something of a latter day, multi-faith Pilgrim's Progress with an extraordinary twist in the tail.' In fact, the reviews can be telescoped to read 'A truly remarkable real life spiritual adventure story with a message that could change the world.'

In essence, The Dawning chronicles a profound personal journey that bridges all the religions by reflecting an outpouring from the same Divine Source that gave rise to them all. Hence the draft press release heading was: New Relevation unites Jews, Christians and Muslims.

The book is an enthralling account of one man's search for Truth as he battles with fear and human frailty in the face of overwhelming experiences. After quoting from Joel 2:28, the author's preamble continues:

"It is one thing to take in our stride the supernatural events recorded in the holy books of whatever religion we may subscribe to, if any, and in the annals of bygone eras. It is quite another to accept that the miraculous can become the stuff of everyday life for a very ordinary person from the humblest of backgrounds in this materialistic age of hype and celebrity culture. Nevertheless, this is what I am asking you to believe. And I swear, by all that I hold most dear, by all that is most holy, that every word of it is true."

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Forthcoming Events

These are the events / organisers we know about, the list is not exhaustive:
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Calendar of Religious Festivals

Multifaith Calendars are seldom complete, ours is made to fit on an A4 page – you may find more celebrations listed and explained online by following some of the addresses on our Resources page.
Calendar: December 2009

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The Word was made Flesh

In the Gospel of Saint John we read: The Word became flesh; he came to dwell among us... through him all things came to be; no single thing was created without him. All that came to be was alive with his life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines on in the dark, and the darkness has never quenched it. Look steadily at the darkness. It won't be long before you see the light. Gaze at things. It won't be long before you see the Word. The Word became flesh; he came to dwell among us...And stop those frantic efforts to change flesh back into words.
Words, words, words!

Anthony de Mello SJ.: The Song of the Bird

By kind permission of the publishers, Gujerat Sahitya Prakash Anand, India

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