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Issue 65 – February 2010

From Brother Daniel's Diary (10)

14 July 1987. Today, Sunday, I went to the Guru Purnima at 48 Sutton Lane.

I sat for an hour praying. After one hour I got up to go. The Guru said to me: "Can't you stay five more minutes?"

I had an excuse of some sort. And I was honest. One could stay for several hours but I felt I would then be some member of an audience to a 'monarch' holding court. I have, in the past, attended several functions, responded to phone call invitations, sat for hours at the feet of gurus ... Interfaith must be supportive, sympathetic, genuine, honest ... but there must be some discernment in the support ... Could a guru, a maulana, a swami, to some extent become dependent on your support? ... on your presence? ... and your sympathy?

Even Jesus felt the need of company at the Garden of Olives, a very human, normal ... feeling, need.

"O Lord, be the companion of all gurus and swamis who are on the pilgrimage of truth on this earth ... and feel lonely at times ... Make me more sensitive to the loneliness of the genuine gurus. May your spirit of discernment make me always available and honest in my dialogue but not gullible or subject to infatuation."

Alfred Agius

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