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Westminster Interfaith Newsletter

Issue 65 – February 2010

Barnet Multifaith Group

One question asked of the panel at the Barnet Multifaith group whose meeting at Hendon Town Hall was a joint venture with FbRN (Faith-based Regeneration Network) on Monday, 16th was 'What are you going to do NEXT week?'

I was a newcomer that evening – the Westminster Interfaith office having moved only recently to Hendon – but it was very clear that many of those present from a variety of faith communities were already well known to each other, as they greeted each other with an easy camaraderie. Several people I already knew and several I would meet again in other places during the week.

The answer to the question put to the panel was unanimous and very realistic, it may be summed up as – it all depends on what YOU are prepared to put into it! There were apparently a number of possibilities floating around – as also a number of already begun and ongoing initiatives in terms of action locally to fill local needs.

Sr Hilda

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