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Issue 65 – February 2010

Encouraging Dialogue, Widening Horizons, Confronting Prejudice

Harrow Inter Faith Council (HIFC), in Partnership with Harrow Council was delighted to celebrate the diversity of faith in Harrow for the first ever National Inter Faith week from the 16th to the 22nd of November 2009. Its aim was to promote and strengthen good Inter Faith relations at all levels, to encourage dialogue and increase awareness of the different and distinct faith communities in the borough in particular celebrating and building on the contribution which HIFC members make to the wider community. We invited all faiths to open their doors to the wider public and to commit to the spirit and effort of the week.

HIFC is pleased to report that all Faiths flung wide open their doors and invited the public in during the designated Inter Faith week to events like – 'Devotional Songs and Meditation', a 'Collective Prayer meeting', 'In Tune with God', 'Talk Allowed. A multi faith film making event', a 'Shabbat Morning Service', the 'Celebration of Sai Baba's Birthday and Grandparents Day', 'Religious Philanthropy and Social Action', (see report elsewhere in this issue. Ed.) 'A Meditation Class', a 'Tea and Coffee morning' and HIFC was remembered at the 'Feast of Speech'.

The highlight of the week's activities was a signature event held on Saturday the 21st November from 6-9 p.m. where a panel of distinguished speakers from the faiths of Harrow talked on 'Religion and Law in a Modern Society' and answered a series of questions concerning generic facts/fictions about their beliefs.

A synopsis of all the talks is in the HIFC booklet prepared especially for the signature event at http://www.worldfaiths.org/articles/Harrow%20Interfaith%20November%202009.pdf

Martha Besser (secretary Harrow Inter Faith Council)

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