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Issue 67 – July 2010

Coming together to pray

In 'Meeting God in Friend and Stranger', the Bishops of England and Wales encourage Catholics to come together to pray with those of other religions. The Bishops claim, however, that people of different religions cannot literally pray together because prayer is an expression of faith and they do not share one faith. This seems a strange line to hold if the Bishops are serious when they affirm that every authentic prayer is called forth by the Holy Spirit. Is it not likely that the Holy Spirit will, on occasion, call forth the same authentic prayer – for peace and justice perhaps – from persons of different religions? Whilst an authentic prayer is certainly an expression of faith, it is not necessarily an expression of a complete religion, and this seems to be a logical error in the Bishops' argument.

For those of us who are not Catholics, of course, there continues to be a similar holding of a line as regards our receiving the Holy Sacrament, with a similar error of logic.

Canon Ivor Smith-Cameron
Letter to The Tablet

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