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Issue 67 – July 2010

From Brother Daniel's Diary (12)

Brother Daniel led a multifaith delegation from London at the invitation of the San Egidio Community in Rome, to commemorate the first anniversary of Assisi in Autumn 1987.

Br Daniel writes: "It was a success. It was a time for learning, for testing 'ordinary' human relations where people of different faiths have to travel, stay, eat... together.

Funny, we can pray together... the level of faith and love on the level of the brain, but when one sits at the same table, there are points that seem more difficult to accept than the cerebral idea that we are all children of God... even children of God have to eat...some are vegetarians or vegans ... some have to eat before twelve o'clock like the Buddhist monks (these, though can have chunks of meat for breakfast!)

Of course, the climax, the audience with Pope John Paul II was the climax of the week. The Pope definitely looks at you, not the shyness, the "detachment", the aloofness he has been accused of by many who meet him at visits, 'ad limina' or audiences.

Among the events that brought joy to my heart, and to others' hearts I am sure, was the lighting of the candle at the tomb of St Francis, the visit to the Secretariat for Non-Christians where four members of staff received us. Two points I regret: the absence of Baha'is and that there were only three women in a delegation of sixty: Sr Jayanti from the Brahma Kumaris, Charanjit and the daughter of the Jain rep."

Alfred Agius

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